Please note that shipping takes place on or over business days only (no weekends or holidays). For example, an item shipped on a Friday via 2 Day Air will arrive on Tuesday.

If you are purchasing adapters, spacers, or hub rings, your product needs to be built before it can be shipped. Once it is built, it will be shipped in the shipping manner you select. How long it will take to build your product depends on whether or not the material is in stock, and how heavy our current workload is. We build thousands of adapters each year. Typically, it could take anywhere from two days to two weeks, or longer, to build the product, depending on these and other factors.

Please be advised that shipping costs BOTH WAYS, for any product we sell, including adapters, spacers, hub rings, and wheel and tire purchases, including returns, warranty issues, and any other reason, is the full responsibility of the customer in every case, no exceptions.

Please call us (775) 351-1000 to check on stock availability, time frame, or to discuss Priority Ordering (at additional cost, we can accommodate your need for faster processing).