Please take a moment to read what some of our customers have to say about us!

Hi.. just wanted to tell ya that I got the spacers and the fit is bad ass!! Super amazing work.. I'm glad I did business with you.. I will recommend everyone I know to do the same... thank you a lot!!!

Just wanted to thank you all for the great customer service and the great wheel spacers. I was nervous at first with all the cheap chinese spacers available but these were top quality made in USA. Just what I was looking for thanks again.

Hi Lenny, Those spacers you built are great, precise, perfect fit. I have a really good set of chains on it, and it's amazing where it will go now in the snow and ice. Thanks for a great product, Wayne Stronks, Telkwa, BC.

I received my Adapters today and how wonderful they are. They fit perfect and sung to the inside of the rim. Couldn't be any happier with the product. Thank you Motorsport Tech.

Lenny, I received the adapters yesterday and I can’t begin to explain to you how impressed I am with the quality! I am an Aircraft Mechanic for Southwest Airlines and know what quality as well as close tolerance machined products look like! I am impressed to say the least!! “Thank you” to you and your son! Chad Blotske

What great products! Just finished installing the BORA front and STAHL rear wheel spacers on my JD 3720 tractor. They fit absolutely perfectly, and installed in a snap. The accuracy and workmanship of the spacers is incredible. Both the BORA and STAHL spacers had a beautiful finish, all sharp edges broken, no stray tool marks anywhere. The BORA spacers had a nice black anodized finish, and the only thing that I could have wished for is that you could powder coat the STAHL spacers. Great products, Made in the USA. Barry in Virginia

"You get what you pay for! I experimented with cheap spacers from Amazon, they caused all sorts of vibrations and ride issues with my rims. I had Motorsportech custom make me spacers for my ASC rims, initially there was an error made on the hub side offset. The inner bore was a few mm too small. When I pointed this out to Lenny, he was very apologetic and wanted to make it right. I shipped back the spacers, Lenny had them re-cut to the right size and sent them back in a matter of days. The finished product fits like a glove. The ride is almost like factory, with no shimmy or vibrations over 50mph like I had with the cheap Amazon spacers. I say "almost" like factory because I went up a size from 19" to 20" rims. Quality work from a quality AMERICAN company at very reasonable prices. I recommended Lenny's spacers to my tire & wheel shop, they've already sent a job or two Lenny's way. If you're looking for custom spacers, stop your search and order from Motorsportech, you simply cannot go wrong." - SP, Houston TX

2016 Ram 3500 4x4. 1.75 Bora Wheel Spacers. Great Product! Even better CUSTOMER SERVICE! Lenny went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. So refreshing these days to find someone who cares so much about thier products and customers. I highly recommend them. Thanks again! - Dana Clark

Received the spacers today. Installed them on my John Deere 2320. Exactly what I wanted. I am impressed with the quality and design. A++++ in my book. Thanks a ton. - Ed Berger

Hi Lenny, Just want to thank you for your assistance. Just received the wheel adapters and installed them. Very good quality and 💯 satisfied with the fit to my wheel hubs. it's a very sturdy, strong adapters And i feel I'm safe and the peace of mind with safety which is always my number one focus. Thanks again! Glenn

Received my custom adapters for my 2000 ford f150 ...All I can say is"WOW" !!! ... What a well thought out design concept.... adapters are flawless and the fit is second to none...And the ride... "so smooth" Just an unbelievable product ..Many thanks ....Rating - 5 stars and then some!!!!! David Powell

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I had tried 3 other sets of spacer from 3 other companies, they all said they would fit my F250, all they did was make my front-end shake!!!! Found you, you asked questions and made the perfect fit spacers for the front of my truck. It drives just like it came off the show room floor but with a wider stance, can’t thank you enough. You are the best! David A. Pogorilich, MBA, CGC

Lenny, The wheel spacers that you provided for my Ram 2500 have been fantastic. Just the right amount of offset gives me the confidence I need on the road. The feel is fantastic, especially as I enter highway on-ramps and exit-ramps. The fit was great and installation was easy. Best regards, Paul

“I recently purchased two sets of Bora wheel spacers for my John Deere 3320 tractor (6inch rear and 4inch front). I operate on steep rocky timbered ground with a 4 in 1 loader and backhoe permanently attached and shifting large rocks and logs is the order of the day. Firstly the spacers are impressively engineered. Secondly the improvement in the stability and ride has been dramatic. It’s a different machine! that can safely go places I would never have ventured before. The shipping cost to Australia proved much greater than the guys had anticipated, but Lenny stuck to his quoted price which demonstrates his integrity and approach to business. A very satisfied customer." Colin Loosemore, Western Australia.

Hi I have a 4310 John Deere tractor that I use on my acreage. Because of the narrow rear wheel stance on this model, I felt it was necessary to widen the rear wheels for stability purposes especially when using the front end loader, to avoid the possibility of a roll over. After speaking with Lenny, I purchased the 4" rear wheel spacers. Shipping was very fast. The spacers were manufactured using excellent quality material and workmanship, and were an easy install on the tractor. I think my John Deere even feels tougher now. Thanks Jim Alberta, Can.

Lenny, After installing the wheel adapters you built me my car drives smooth as butter through all the gears. The vibration was so bad, I can’t believe I lived with it for as long as I did. I will recommend ONLY your services to anyone and everyone that I run across in need of custom wheel adapters or spacers. Pricing is very fair, lead time was more than reasonable, and shipping was fast. Thank you for making such a fine quality product. Live long and prosper! Thank you, John

Lenny, Sorry for not getting to you with this sooner. I just wanted to let you know that I received the spacers and was amazed at the quality of them. Having been a machinist many years ago I really appreciate the quality of the finish. Every edge was chamfered or radius’d very nicely. The dimensions were exact and fit was superb. Thank you for a quality product. I feel very comfortable with them installed that they will hold up for a very long time. Adam L. Menge Assistant Director Of Maintenance

Before purchasing spacers from Motorsport Tech, I was concerned that they wouldn't fit or would be cheap Chinese products. I couldn't have been more wrong. What I received was a beautifully machined set of spacers that perfectly fit my Jaguar. The look is great, and I'm confident in the spacers. I'd recommend anyone looking for custom spacers to contact Lenny at Motorsport Tech. – Kurt Elsterf

This is long past due but I just wanted to say thanks to your company and crew. Not only did I have my part arrive a little earlier than maybe it should have, the communication was great on all ends when i made a next day change and inquired about when it would arrive due to a trip I was planning that the spacers were going on. Both conversations I had on the phone after the order I placed were definitely service oriented to the customer and that is rare these days. Again thank you for the quality product, the great communication and customer service. Tim

Lenny you guys are the best in quality and customer service. As a manager of a large independent shop for over 22 years in Dallas TX. I had the pleasure of installing your flawless product on my Scat Pack and was so pleased. It's so nice to have a vendor in our group with the pride of product you put out. James Craig Dallas, Texas 2015 Scat Sack Challenger

Lenny, I received the 2 inch hub centric spacers this week. First, the build quality is excellent, and I believe you will get some new orders soon. The guys drooled as we inspected the order. The spacers were packaged well and I could see immediately the time your team took to wrap and package them. I cannot say enough on how snug and exact the fitment is and how well the machining finish is. Each unit is like a piece of art, very heavy and purposeful art. I also like that each of the spacers is stamped with a serial number, I would guess that would be for any QA/QI if you are contacted later. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions last week and for making such a high quality product affordable. Please pass on my respect and appreciation for your team and the finished product. Thank you, Joshua Viborel-Baker

Brilliant work. It worked out perfectly. Nice quality. So good to find a company that knows what they are doing... And American as well!!

Hi there. I am a licenced technican in Canada and have a stringent opinion on the safety of my (or anyone elses) vehicle if it is to go down the road. Having dealt with a few friends losing lives to improperly (wheel specifically - don't ever use wobble bolts) built vehicles, this is one area I no longer take a chance with. I ordered a set of custom adapters from you guys to convert my Saab 9-3 to M14 studs and 5x112mm instead of M12 5x110mm. I had ordered spacers in the past from no name suppliers and had okay luck but always had vibrations, etc. Decided to (for lack of a better term) "do it right" and order hub and wheel centric adapters from motorsport-tech... Although the cost was more than what I was used to spending on other spacers/adapters. I felt it was necessary to give you guys a shot...

Nonetheless I saw a few reviews on your site while looking for something else today and it reminded me of how great these pieces have been to me. I NEVER post reviews, and have since sold the car but I have to tell you guys that you guys were

a) The most pleasant online buying experience I have ever had,

b) from pre-order (consultation of my needs) to order- were the most direct and educated company I have ever dealt with.

Disregarding corporate profits but having a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and safety really proved to me that you manufacturer the best product you can. And last, and (in my eyes) most importantly I had your adapters on my vehicle for 4 years - track, smashing potholes in the street(not recommended), abuse, overtorque, dropping them. And never a single problem, wobble, vibration, nothing. These are a fantastic product, and 5 years later I'm writing my review on some of the best quality parts I've ever purchased for any of my vehicles. I recommend your company to EVERYONE needing adapters or spacers if such conversation gets brought up and wouldn't put anything else on ANY of my vehicles moving forward -should the circumstances arise....

So, although it's late....

Thank you for making such a fantastic product and sharing the experience and expertise with your customers!

I used to worry about my spacers with other products when/if I hit a pothole. After using your product for that long and inspecting regularly, I forgot they were installed and began to worry more about suspension and tire integrity than anything else.

Thank you Motorsport-tech for making my vehicle as safe as it would be if it came from the factory. I will most definitely be ordering your products again (when that time comes).

I'll say in my review the same thing I tell people in person...

People seem to forget that they cheap out on spacers, and pay 100 less for Chinese garbage because they don't want the correct alternative. This is great in theory if the car is a trailer queen. BUT! The first (and hopefully last) time their wheel comes off it's roughly a $150 tow bill, a day or 2 off work($150-$300), a new fender or bodywork on their quarter+paint ($300-$1000), the police bs, the tickets, etc.

It was way cheaper to do it right the first time, and order a set of your adapters.

Anyways, thanks again to everyone at Motorsport-Tech!

Keep making fantastic products!!!!!

Mike McKnight

Hey Lenny. Sometimes you probably hear a whole plethora of questions ahead of time from someone who wants to place an order and then never again afterwards… I just wanted to let you know that these spacers are working out great. I have traveled four trips, each over 1000 miles with no vibrations, issues, or complaints. You put my mind at ease ahead of time answering all of my questions and you surely are putting a good product out your door. Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it. Jeff

Good afternoon! I meant to email you yesterday, got side tracked. I received the spacers, and have already mounted and retorqued the inners after a few miles. What a beautiful piece, too bad they are hidden! Thank you for the fast service and quality item! I will definitely recommend to fellow enthusiasts. Thank you again and take care! Respectfully, Jason L. Gadsby Sr. SSG, USA (RET)

Hi Lenny I just received them they look great, I am a 35 year toolmaker myself working for the Starrett measuring tool Co.and can appreciate a well machined, American made part. Nice job! you obviously have developed a well oiled operation, congratulations and Thank you Chris

Yesterday I received my order for wheel spacers for the rear of my Kubota L3400. I installed them last night and they and everything went just PERFECT!! No problems at all. Alignment and quality of your product was the best I could have expected. Haven't moved the tractor as yet, but can't wait to try it out and I'm sure I will purchase a set for the front end as well! Thanks for a super, well made, product, Frank

Your company had recently completed and delivered a small order of 4 custom 18mm spacers for my Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. This was my first time doing business with your company. The quality and fitment of your product is no less than perfect. To say that I am pleased is an understatement. The finish on every edge is incredibly smooth and it glided and spun inside the back of the wheel. They mounted perfectly. No vibrations at any speed. Possibly better handling. Definitely better looking. I would recommend your company and your product to anyone. Thank you for your high end product and experience. Sincerely, William C.

I just installed my spacers. You’ve done a great job of manufacturing these items. The fit and finish were perfect. The design was excellent; very easy to install. The supplied hardware all fit perfectly. There is not a single improvement I could recommend. It is so rare these days to find a product that gives you 100% satisfaction. Oliver

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for the spacers! They not only fit perfectly, but also added the look I wanted to accomplish.. I'm very pleased & will enjoy using for years to come! Also, a thanks to the tech that took his time to explain a few ideas and recommend the proper spacers.. Thanks again Bob Gipson..

Hello, I wanted to thank you for the assistance, Lenny, when I called about the wheel spacers for my Chevy Dually. They arrived today, just as you promised and they are great!! I am so glad I found your company when searching! The spacers are perfect, and I will be doing business with you again when the need arises!!! I looked for a link to leave feedback on your site, but did not see one, so feel free to add this to your Testimonial Section!! Thanks again for your help and your product!! Ralph Rexroad

Hello! My name is Mike. I placed a order for your 1" 2014 Ram wheel spacers on Nov. 6th. I waited and waited for them to arrive. Even after I got confirmation of when they would arrive. The anticipation was killing me!! Got them today ( Friday the 18th). Opened the box like a child on Christmas. Was instantly amazed at the quality of the spacers. Couldn't wait any longer... had to get them on. But I was leary cause i had read that the studs might have to be cut. Well I test fitted one on a rear wheel. (Only got the set for the back). And I'm not sure about other ram style wheels, as I have the 20x9 chrome clad Express rims, but my rims have a little pocket on the back of them rims that the original wheel studs fit in without having to cut anything. "Oh Happy Days"!!! Got them both on and they give me the perfect look I was going for. Truely outstanding craftsmanship guys! I will highly recommend your products to anybody I can. Thanks, Mike Green

Aloha Lenny, Just wanted to let you know that the Custom 3mm Wheel & Hub Centric Spacers I ordered through you did the job beautifully! The Spacer fit perfectly on the Hub and the Moto Metal Wheels centered on the Spacers. Thanks for lending a hand in my first ever build of lifting a truck and making a product that allowed proper brake caliper clearance..wheel centering..and so far a vibration free ride of my after market wheels and tires set up. Mahalos! Gilbert owner of now a lifted 2011 Nissan Frontier Pro Hawaii...

"I picked up my adapters from Motorsport Tech way cheaper than any other supplier out there. I also had a question about the adapters after I placed my order and gave them a call. The guys were on their way out the door and had turned off the computer system. They booted it up just to answer my question. When I need spacers or adapters again I'll definitely be going back to them."

Garrison Stanislaw aka dirtlowslo on Forums.

1/13/14 Hello Lenny! I wanted to thank you so much for your help with my husband's wheel hub adapter and spacer! The wheels work perfectly on his RS4 thanks to you! I really appreciated your knowledge and willingness to help! I would definitely recommend your company! Sincerely, Dawn E. Van Buskirk Littleton, CO

1/22/2014 Couldn't be happier with the fitment. Thanks to you and your team! I'll send pics soon Josh Prater

Hi Lenny, I am so very pleased with the Bora type spacers for my new Kubota BX25D-1. The fit and finish is marvelous. The install was easy. I used a torque wrench and snugged everything up to the instruction sheet. The 1.5 inch on the fronts tracks perfectly with the 2 inch rears. Now there is ample room for winter tire chains. Thank you for the wonderful job! These spacers were worth the wait. Butch 1/15/15

2/6/15 TESTIMONIAL: I first saw the spacers on line and was hesitant to order them. Since I'm in law enforcement I am always leary to buy anything from someone I don't know, especially half way across the country!! After a few emails back and forth, and talking to Lenny Jr and Sr on the phone, I fully trusted these guys and was confident they were reputable people. To begin, I had absolutely no clue what size I needed to clear tire chains on my 2000 John Deere 445 AWS. Lenny Jr recommended the 1.5 inch spacers for my particular need. I paid them using my PayPal account and was assured that if I wasn't happy they would remake the spacers until I was. They also said I wouldn't have to pay any additional charges if I had to send them back. I ordered the recommended size spacers. When they arrived they fit perfectly and the size was absolutely the proper spacing to clear tire chains and provide a more aggressive stance and give better stability. The spacers were actually a work of art. Flawless! Even the treads were perfect. The bolts hand tightened easily with no binding or cross threading. If you are in the market for spacers for any application, DO NOT HESITATE ordering from this company!! They are made in the USA, by straight forward, honest, and hard working father and son team! They will answer your call personally and if by chance you have to leave a message they will call you back almost immediately. I am definitely passing on the word because I want companies like this one to be around for a long time. I'm sick of buying things made over seas. Maybe you can find them cheaper but remember, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. And honestly, I think the price for these was very reasonable!! Mike F Chicago, IL

"Just finished ordering my adapters from Motorsport Tech and I'm super stoked to get them in the mail. JR helped me after I placed the order to make sure the adapters will be perfect for the wheels I have. A++ for these guys. Thanks a lot everyone down at Motorsport Tech!"

Casey Adams - aka Sozs1.8t on VWvortex Forums.

2/16/15 YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! Received my front and rear wheel spacers this week for my project truck and they are perfect. The wheel spacers were spot on exact to make them hub centric and the best fit possible. The guys at the shop commented on the superior craftsmanship and high quality materials used in the wheel spacers. Could not be happier; quality product, excellent friendly / knowledgable service, and well worth the price. It also placed the wheels and tires right where they needed to be to fill out the fender wells. Thanks so much for making this a great experience. Respectfully, JP

I was in an extreme Rush to get Quality Wheel Spacers and found these folks. They bent over backwards to take of me even though I had some High Demands. They were professional and courteous and I simply could not be more pleased with the entire transaction. They Custom built a set of Adapters the same Exact day I ordered them and overnight shipped them. I will use them and only them from now on. I am very very satisfied with the product, the quality is second to none. These people are great to deal with, and truly care about customer service and this is refresthing. Highly recommend, you will not go wrong with these guys!!!! Chris Teel May 6th, 2015

Lenny, I recieved the custom adapters. Thank you for them. They were a perfect fit for my tight configuration on my Harley Davidson Trike. Many people said this couldnt be done but with your custom built adapters we made it happen and it was Perfect! Marcus Musgrave

Thank you so much for one of the best customer experiences that I have ever had. You guys make a quality spacer and these performed above all! You gave me all the info I needed when everyone else came short. I will be sure to refer you to anyone that asks about them.

Thank you again so much!!!

Jerome Logan.

"They were great at recommending on what bore size and what adapters to go with. It may take a little longer than usual but I would rather have it done right then buy junk. Plus they will always give you a great price."

Brian P.

1/8/2014 Lenny, Got my 1.5" 6x135 spacers in today and got them installed on my 06 f150. These things are awesome and completely flawless. Thanks for building such a "bulletproof" product! Dylan Phelps

1/16/14 Lenny, Lenny, Lenny. Wow, nice goin' !!! What an unbelievable fit. I cleared enough stuff outta the way in the garage last weekend to be able to get at the driver's side of the car to test fit the new resized spacers. I am completely satisfied with the new sizing specs that you recommended. These things fit with bloody surgical precision !!! Making the front wheel centric a bit thinner to clear the deep GM front hubs was the perfect amount. Could not have been done better. Thank you very much for the redo. Al Meadows

1/14/14 It took me until today to get access to a lift and try out the new wheel spacers – a perfect fit! The spacers fit like a glove and did exactly what we hoped when we made the custom measurements! My mechanic thought they were “beautiful” and a great bargain for the price. We both intend to send you referrals when the opportunity arises in the future! Super job and prompt delivery service also! Glen Fraser

1/21/14 Lenny I have to say. You have provided me with excellent customer service and care. I appreciate what you have done for me through your willingness to look into things I had questions about, the way you communicate and how quickly you responded. It has not gone unnoticed. Once again thank you an excellent experience. I will definitely spread the word to folks looking for services! Cheers, Jason

1/30/14 Adapters arrived as promised. I appreciate you expediting it. If you need any reviews online I’d be more than happy to provide a fantastic one. Just send the links if so. Thanks, Bill Galleher

1/30/2014 These adapters you built for me are PERFECT! You NAILED IT! The Truck Looks AWESOME! I didnt think it was possible to convert my 2002 Ford F350 with the 8x170 bolt pattern to Run the Newer Ford F350 Wheels with the 8x200 Bolt pattern! Everything fit so Perfect and Tight, the truck rides Great and I am so excited and happy with the End Result! Your Service and Knowledge is amazing. I will send you some pictures as soon as I can. Thanks [email protected]

2/3/14 Hi Lenny, Well, spacers fitted beautiful a perfect fit ;-) just wanted to say thank you for your helpful service. Got me out of a pickle. One very happy customer. Thanks again Regards Owen de koning

2/28/14 Lenny, Thanks so much for the excellent work on my spacers! I installed them yesterday and have no vibration at 95 I mean 65 mph. I'll be running them at the Fresno autocross season opener on Sunday. Thanks again, Al Andersen

Lenny, I just wanted you to know that with the weather here in Northeast Ohio finally getting friendly today, that the 4”spacers you made up for my LS J2030H fit perfectly, and all hardware threaded smoothly. Thanks for working with me to get the dimensions nailed down accurately. I have yet to try it out on the hills, but it’s now 8 inches wider to fight those slopes when I get there. Good job! John Hutchings Akron Ohio

4/22/14 Got my wheel adapters today when I got home from work. Fit and worked perfectly thank you guys. Plenty room for calipers ta fit now. Thanks for your help in getting this old willys jeep truck back together. Now with disc brakes. Sincerely Frank Kramer fla.

5/20 Hi guys, Awesome job on the spacers. I felt like I was having my teeth pulled with no novocaine when I was talking to an H&R dealer and we were trying to figure out what I needed. In just a minute or two, you knew exactly what I needed and made them perfectly. Thanks again Dennis Garapic

6/1/14 Hey Lenny, Just dropping you an email to say thank you for your out standing customer service and high quality products. The adapters arrived yesterday morning and I finished fitting them this morning. Will recommend for sure! I have attached a few pictures, just incase you want to use them for promotions or something. Thanks again, Billy Moon from Australia

7/15 I just wanted to let you guys know that I received the spacers I ordered for my Kubota B3200 tractor. I wanted to say the machine work and finish is very well done. I work in the oil drilling industry and my current assignment has me working in a machine shop monitoring the fabrication and testing of high pressure blowout preventers. The manufacturer here could learn a few things from you on quality control. Kearney Walters

Dear Motorsport, I almost never write a testimonial for a company but felt compelled to after receiving GREAT customer service, fast shipping and a product that exceeded my expectations. Its nice to talk to a real person (Lenny) when ordering a product. The follow-up communication was outstanding and they treat you like a friend. Great Company to do business with. Dave Roberts Beaverton, OR 11/10/2014

12/8/14 Lenny, I just wanted to take an minute and let you know happy I am with the Kubota L series spacers I bought from you. They came to today and I installed them this afternoon and I am very happy. I was a Ford Tractor dealer back in the 80s and was a Ford and Kubota service manager for several years after that. I can't remember ever buying an aftermarket product that was of such high quality. The machining is exquisite and the fit is perfect. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Brian Fogg

Hi Lenny, Thanks again for the tremendous service getting the RS6 Perfect! its been a wild ride. Its now been the Nissan 350Z, the Maserati M C Stradale, the Aston Martin Rapide, the RS6 Audi and the C63 AMG. Everyone you have looked after me well and its amazing the relationship we have even though I'm in Australia. Just goes to show trust and brillant service knows no boundaries. Every time I buy another car your the first person I contact, Got to get the stance Perfect!!! Thanks again, Great Job. David Bugeja Queensland, Australia

Hey Lenny, The spacers and bolts for the BMW 428i and X3 worked out perfectly, and very nice products also! I also appreciated your help, patience and time to make sure I would get what I wanted/needed. I consider myself an expert in fits and offsets, but in the end it was your expertise that closed the gap to make it happen. Much appreciated! I will recommend you to any and all. Thank you very much, Arthur Atkinson

Dec 18th, 2015 Hello, I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the adapters that I ordered from you! It's amazing what 8" can do to the Stability of a poorly designed tractor! Just got the Tractor back today from having the adapters installed and what a differnce it has made. Thanks again, Joel Timmerman

"This is a massive throwback, but I had JR's personal cell phone number back in 2002. Didn't even have a website. He made me a set of adapters for some Porsche D90s. Dude was all class back then, I can only imagine things have gotten better since then."

Joe - Synthsis on VWVortex

12/11/2013 Hi Lenny, Adapters came in today... The Craftsmanship is Superb! Very Impressed! They almost look too good to put them on the Car. Did a Test Fit (adapter on hub and wheel on adapter) and all was perfect. I will be placing a lug bolt order in the next day or two. Thanks Much Steve Harris

"I got the adapters in today and left work early so I could get home and install these things. After throwing them on and lowering the car to the ground, I drove it around the block and WOW. These adapters are 100 percent better than the previous Chinese made adapters I ordered. The inner lip of the adapter fit snug into the center of the rim and omg it was sexy... no vibrations."

Scott Biszmaier

"Definitely check these guys out. Great customer service and took the time to answer all my questions! JR was very quick to respond to my email."

TJ Ribeiro (has the Audi on our gallery page)

"I bought my MKV-GM adapters from you, and the quality is phenomenal! I was skeptical about adapting "wrong bolt pattern" wheels, then these came in, and the quality immediately put me at ease. When they slipped on the hub, and were immediately hard to take off due to the tolerances being SO exact causing an almost suction like bond, I was convinced."

TurboMonkeyExpress Vortex

"I've gotten outstanding service and quality product from Motorsport-Tech with every order that I place. Very willing to help and figure things out with you. I have referred MANY people to them in the past, and will continue to do business with them in the future... Many thanks!"

Andrew Farkas aka TE7two Vortex

"I have been running the Motorsport-Tech gear for years. I have bought numerous sets of spacers and have NEVER had an issue with quality. Every time they have been to my exact specs and been of perfect quality. Brad has been instrumental in getting just the right fitment and is a walking encyclopedia of wheel fitment."

Brandon M. aka 90nuggetg Vortex

"Great guys with the best online customer service ever."

B. Gaines aka gainesb2003 Vortex

"I bought adapters from Brad for my D90's to go to 4x100, got them for a good price, got them a few days after i ordered them, and they fit and work awesome. Very happy about these, would buy my next set from him as well."

Chris Cheeseman aka chrischeez Vortex

"Got a call from JR today and wanted to let everyone know how great the customer service was!! These guys not only have been in the business since 1996 but are also very knowledgeable regarding this business. Thank you guys at the Motorsport-Tech!"

Thaigo Decasto aka eurolicious VW Vortex

"I ordered custom made Alcoa 6061T6 billet aluminum wheel spacers for my GTO that are hub and wheel centric for my GTO today from Jr. (Owner) at Motorsport Tech. He knew exactly what I was wanting to accomplish and verified my specs for the GTO & the C5 wheels. He also told me that they have made many spacers for the GTO and that because they are custom made, they will take a few weeks to receive. I don't mind waiting for a quality component that is critical to my fitment and operation, it's worth the wait."

Austin E. in Baltimore

"I bought my MKV-GM adapters from you, and the quality is phenomenal! I was skeptical about adapting "wrong bolt pattern" wheels, then these came in, and the quality immediately put me at ease. When they slipped on the hub, and were immediately hard to take off due to the tolerances being SO exact causing an almost suction like bond, i was convinced."

Anthony Cialdella VW Enthusiast.